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Greetings from NY Auto Giant's vehicle parts division. As the team you can rely on in your hunt for the appropriate car component, we possess what is required to guarantee that your vehicle restoration finishes up in no time.

Digging a little deeper, connecting with the Ford components gurus located here at NY Auto Giant also means having the wisdom and experience of a group of devoted and vested experts at your fingertips. Whether you could use a bit of guidance on the right part for the job or a little extra insight into how to get things into place, you can place your trust in the reality that the NY Auto Giant team of parts professionals will be there guiding you along every single step of the way.

Interested in discovering more about why acquiring original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products from NY Auto Giant is never a bad idea? Then now is a fantastic time to delve even deeper into the advantages of offering up your parts business to the welcoming and informative staff of specialists found in the NY Auto Giant parts department.

Why Try OEM?

In an effort to provide you with a complete outline of the OEM difference, it is a good idea to first go over what exactly "OEM" means. In particular, only parts that originate from the manufacturer, Ford, are worthy of earning this designation. While other aftermarket organizations might try and pass off their alternatives as sharing the same level of quality and commitment to excellence as a legitimate OEM part, the reality of the situation is that only offerings sealed with the endorsement of Ford have earned the right to this elevated standard.

Should I Buy OEM Parts?

On the subject of what separates these offerings from the rest of the marketplace, it all comes down to the numerous benefits that come with purchasing OEM. Specifically, making use of this particular type of part for your impending Ford vehicle repair or restoration venture comes with the ensuing benefits and satisfaction commitments:

  • Putting a Robust Emphasis on Quality – Ford OEM parts must proceed through extensive examination and appraisal before ending up in your hands, so you know that quality and performance will never be a problem with these products.
  • Made Exclusively to Handle Ford Repair Projects – While other parts companies might appear to take a page from Ford OEM parts, the truth of the situation is that only authorized OEM parts from Ford are crafted precisely with the specs of your car in mind.
  • Developed By the Men and Women Who Produced Your Ford Automobile – The very same engineers that fashioned your ideal Ford automobile also came up with the foundation behind the certified OEM components available here at NY Auto Giant, so it stands to reason that it is undoubtedly a smart idea to obtain components that are straight from this group of certified Ford parts development gurus.
  • Protected by a Thorough Product Warranty – Ford is devoted to offering you peace of mind, so you can rest easy realizing that OEM components from this manufacturer are always backed by a steadfast warranty that shields you and your automobile.

To put things simply, buying OEM parts directly from NY Auto Giant means investing in your car's future – and making sure the work gets done right on the first try.

Get the Ford Part You Want at NY Auto Giant

Now that you are up to speed with what makes OEM equipment so great, it is time to answer the next huge question on your plate: Does NY Auto Giant have the Ford part I want? As you will soon discover, the answer to this inquiry is clearly yes!

To give you a greater idea of what we have within our inventory, some of the parts provided to customers in Long Island by our industry-leading Ford parts department include:

  • Fuel Injectors
  • Clutch Kits
  • Radiator Caps
  • A/C Compressor
  • Heater Core
  • Rotor & Brake Pad Kit
  • Mass Air Flow Sensors
  • Turbocharger Boost Sensor
  • Headlight Assembly

Make no mistake, when it comes to supplying the people of Long Island with access to certified Ford OEM parts, it is apparent that NY Auto Giant's catalog of Ford OEM parts is second to none.

Figuring out Your Course to Automotive Restoration Success

At this point, odds are that you are clearly excited to start working toward a successful automobile restoration and drive home with the right OEM part for your forthcoming endeavor. To get you going on with your best foot forward, you have a couple of options.

First up, you can plan a visit to the NY Auto Giant parts department and have one of our trusted Ford consultants work with you through the specifics of this important acquisition. Should the OEM part you need to have be ready for acquisition in our parts department's inventory, you will have the option to take it with you after your quick visit; for all other items, we will be ready and willing to submit your parts request to Ford and have the part sent to you in the most expedient manner conceivable.

For those individuals who would prefer to utilize online channels, take a moment to dig into our fast and simple OEM parts order form listed below. after you finish filling out this simple form, one of our reliable Ford OEM parts specialists will give this request an extensive review and connect with you to ensure that you acquire the part you want promptly.

We appreciate you visiting the NY Auto Giant parts web page and we look forward to providing you with access to the best selection of low-cost Ford OEM offerings in Long Island the next time you find yourself dealing with an automotive maintenance undertaking.


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