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Posted at Thu, Apr 18, 2019 11:00 AM

The Chevy Cruze is a Car That’s Fine Being Alone in its Class

You might think of several models that compete with the Chevy Cruze LS in the compact car class, but this car has something no other model brings.  Find out what that is when you see our team at NY Auto Giant and take the Cruze that’s right home with you.  This is a car that fits well and gives you an excellent drive on the roads near Garden City Park, NY.

A Car That’s So Much More

When you’re looking for a small and active car that can give you the driving personality you want and the affordability you’re looking for, it’s time to see our team and take a look at the Chevy Cruze LS.  This is a car you’re familiar with that has been known to offer the comfortable and dynamic sedan that you enjoy.  When you see our team, you’ll also notice there are Cruze hatchback models offered on our lot that give you a cavernous area for cargo that can easily rival some of the SUV models on the market.  Choose the right body style for you and let’s take a test drive today.

A Slew of Technology in the Cruze

Chevrolet has packed the Cruze you choose to drive near Garden City Park, NY with the features you want.  The infotainment system gives you a seven-inch touchscreen that offers you the ability to use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth Connectivity, and the standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot system that you want to enjoy. Let your teen driver take the Cruze out for a ride and make use of the Teen Driver system that allows you to set limits for speed, audio volume, and to ensure safety systems are engaged.  We’ll be glad to show you how all this technology can work for you.

Get Inside and Drive

The exterior of the Cruze is stylish and contemporary and the interior reflects this as well.  This area is attractive without being overly adorned with the items you don’t need.  The seats are comfortable and the controls are right where you want them.  Ask for a test drive and we’ll take you on the road so you can feel the quality and realize how intuitive it is to make use of the items offered in the Cruze.  Open all the doors and check out the cargo room that you can fill with whatever you need.

The Item that sets it Apart

So far, everything about the Chevy Cruze LS sounds similar to other compact models on the market, and it has been.  The item that allows this car to stand out on its own is the availability of a diesel powertrain.  You can choose the 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine for the drive and enjoy the smooth nine-speed automatic transmission and the ability to have up to 48 mpg on the highway in the sedan or 45 mpg in the hatchback.  Consider this option and let our team help you have the right Cruze to drive today.

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