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Posted at Fri, Sep 28, 2018 10:30 AM

Expect More and Get it for Less

When you’re shopping for a vehicle that’s been owned by someone else, you are taking a chance.  That chance is that the vehicle you choose has been wrecked or driven hard or even poorly maintained.  In order to offset these potential issues and ensure you have a vehicle that’s going to serve you well, you need to choose a certified pre-owned model to drive.  The dealer where you’ll find what you want to drive in the Valley Stream, NY area is NY Auto Giant.

Why should you choose a vehicle from this dealership?  Not only will you find the largest selection of models that have been owned previously, but you’ll also find a team of experts that can assist you in choosing the vehicle that’s right for you.  A certified pre-owned model from this dealer near Valley Stream, NY can put your mind at ease in order to let you have the quality you’re looking for in the next vehicle you want to drive.  These models offer you the knowledge that the vehicle has been properly checked to be ready to drive for several thousand miles.

In order to be a certified pre-owned vehicle, there are specific requirements that a vehicle must meet.  These can range from a specific model year or newer, a number of miles on the odometer and the maintenance schedule that’s been kept.  These models are also put through a rigorous inspection to make sure there isn’t any damage or issues that you’ll be faced with when you get ready to take the vehicle out for a drive.  Come in and see the NY Auto Giant dealer near Valley Stream, NY and learn more about what it means to certify a vehicle.

Once a model has earned the right to be a certified pre-owned vehicle it’s offered with an extended warranty for the price that you pay for the vehicle.  This allows you to have the peace of mind of knowing you’re going to have an excellent car, truck or SUV to drive and pay less than you would for a new model.  This dealer near Valley Stream, NY has the largest inventory of models for you to choose from in the area which makes it easy for you to find the model that’s right for you on the road.

Don’t take a gamble on the vehicle you purchase, choose one of the certified pre-owned models from the NY Auto Giant dealer near Valley Stream, NY.  You’re going to find the right vehicle for you to drive on a daily basis that’s offered with the protection and peace of mind you want and need.  Let this team assist you with finding what you’re looking for and drive away happy in a vehicle that costs you less but gives you more, including the ability to drive for several years in a vehicle that you choose.

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