About NY Auto Giant

New York Auto Giant - 22 dealerships on Long Island representing 14 brands!

NY Auto Giant is the eighth largest auto group in the U.S. and our industry-leading service stretches from Valley Stream to Centereach, so one of our dealerships is sure to be close by.

We want your experience to always be positive at all of our locations. From the moment you step inside the showroom and find the latest new car on display, we're here to help put you behind the wheel of the right new or used vehicle for you. But, we don't consider that the end.

NY Auto Giant offers a wide range of other services as well, which you'll experience from the moment you choose your next car. For instance, our team of car loan and lease specialists make it a priority to help you drive home in the vehicle you've chosen on your terms.

Even after you leave our dealership as a new owner we aim to please by offering comprehensive care via our service and repair centers. Buying or leasing a vehicle from us ensures that you get top-notch maintenance as we use quality certified parts that you can buy, as well. It's just another way we look out for you, and further your connection with your ride.

How can you experience all this? Well, plenty of ways. NY Auto Giant can be contacted online, or by visiting the dealership nearest to you. We can be found all over Long Island, NY. We're happy to continue the conversation, discuss new models, and answer any questions you might have.

Vendors who would like to do business with the Atlantic Auto Group or any of its affiliates can send an email to [email protected]

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